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March 20, 2018

6 ways to avoid bad lip fillers

Quality and professional lip fillers can leave you feeling fantastic about your appearance and make your confidence sky high! Subtle lip enhancements are great for getting a naturally fuller and shapelier pout. Unfortunately, however, there are a number of unqualified practices offering lip filler injections that are leaving patients with swollen, inflamed and painful lips. Bad lip injections like this are not down to coincidence but caused by poor regulation over unqualified “practitioners” who are exploiting patients with cheap lip fillers and a lack of training.

Of course, lip fillers are perfectly safe if you go a professional and qualified practitioner with genuine experience. With the right practice, you can get natural results that will make you feel great. The trick is knowing how to separate the genuine experts from the unprofessional ‘cowboy injectors’. We’ve put together 6 key tips to help you avoid bad lip fillers.

1.Don’t be afraid to ask for your practitioner’s qualifications

Currently, in the UK, anyone is legally allowed to administer lip fillers without medical training or qualifications. This is why patients are urged to be extra cautious when looking for lip filler treatment and should always do a thorough check of their practitioner’s qualifications before committing to any treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of training upon arrival for your consultation. A truly qualified practitioner will be happy to show off their achievements and chat about their qualifications. Many will even proudly display their certification on the walls. If your practitioner is being vague or avoiding any specifics when you ask the question, then it’s time to leave and find another practice!

2. Look up previous reviews and testimonials

Other people’s experiences are a great way to determine how credible a practice is. If a practice has an endless stream of positive online reviews describing fantastic results, chances are you’ll have the same experience. If you find lots of negative reviews concerning service, cleanliness or poor results, then this is a warning sign to stay well clear! Doing your research online is a great way of vetting a practice before you’ve even set foot inside or committed to a treatment.

3. Make sure they offer an initial consultation

The initial consultation is an important part of your lip filler treatment. This is where your practitioner can listen to your requirements, explain the treatment process and most importantly, learn about your medical history to check the fillers are safe to administer. Checking your medical history is a vital part of the treatment process and without it, it is unsafe to carry out. It is your practitioner’s responsibility to check for any allergies, specific medical conditions or pregnancies, as this could affect your ability to safely have the treatment. If your chosen practice does not offer an initial consultation, it’s time to look elsewhere! This is a major warning sign that they are not following the correct procedure or doing the necessary medical checks for safe and quality lip fillers.

4.Enquire about which product they use

Whatever aesthetics treatment you go for, it’s important to know what is being injected into your body. Do some research into the best lip filler products before your treatment and then ask your practitioner which one they use. They should have no problem in answering your questions. If they are being vague about specific brands, then it’s time to wave the red flag. This should be a simple and easy question to answer, and any credible practitioner will respond straight away. At Ten Facial Aesthetics, for example, we use the Juvederm-Vycross range, a brand we know that produces quality results for our patients.

5. Check their aftercare policy

Credible aesthetics practices should always offer aftercare appointments to ensure there are no issues with your lip filler treatment and that you are happy with the results. It’s all part of the patient care service. Before signing up to any treatment, make sure you check the aftercare policy of your chosen practice. If it seems like they offer a genuine and thorough aftercare procedure, then it’s a good indicator that their service is high-quality. Denying patients an aftercare appointment shows a lack of duty of care. A definite sign you should stay clear!

6. See if they are Save Face accredited

Whilst there is very little legal regulation over lip fillers, professional standards authority, Save Face enables people to find credible facial aesthetics treatments using their website. Save Face is a national register of accredited practitioners that have been independently assessed against a robust set of standards, in order to be certified. Finding a lip filler practice via the Save Face website is a sure guarantee that you’ll receive top quality treatment from a credible and professional practice. At Ten Facial Aesthetics, we are proud to be a Save Face Registered practice, offering safe and quality treatments for our patients.

If you’re considering lip fillers, get in touch with us at Ten Facial Aesthetics for a FREE consultation and expert lip filler injections with our aesthetic practitioner, Dr Zohaib Ali.