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February 21, 2018

5 ways lip fillers can naturally enhance the shape of your lips

People tend to associate lip fillers with the ‘overdone pout’ look that is often featured so heavily in the media. In reality, lip fillers are great for making subtle enhancements to the lips to improve their natural appearance. In fact, there are many ways lip fillers can be used to enhance your lips without anyone even knowing you’ve had them done. They can add more definition to the shape, balance out uneven top and bottom lips and even reduce unwanted lipstick lines. Here are five unexpected ways lip fillers can discreetly enhance your lips.

1. Increased volume with lip augmentation

Lip augmentation involves adding volume to specific areas of the lips to create a more even and aesthetic appearance. Often, this is ideal for people with thin or narrow lips, uneven top and bottom lips or lips that are out of proportion with the rest of your facial features. Adding a little volume to key areas can make the subtlest of changes that will immediately make your lips look fuller, more symmetrical and well-balanced with the rest of your face.

2. A more prominent cupid’s bow

The cupids bow is the v-shaped curve at the top of the lip line which adds shape and definition to the upper lip. Some cupid’s bows are naturally very prominent, whilst others are virtually non-existent. Those with a slight or non-existent cupid’s bows are able to get subtle lip filler injections to naturally enhance the arch at the top of their lips, creating more definition. Although subtle, this treatment has become increasingly popular, especially with major celebrities like Rihanna and Taylor Swift popularising the cupid’s bow look.

3. Reduced lipstick lines

‘Lipstick lines’ are the fine lines that appear above the upper lip. These, unfortunately, become more visible as we age, particularly for those who smoke. They get their name from the noticeable bleed that occurs when lipstick colour is applied to the lips. Lip fillers can help to reduce the appearance of lipstick lines by filling out any grooves and creating more definition between the lips and the skin above the lip line. Everything from deep set lines to fine lines can be treated, allowing you to wear lipstick whenever you like!

4. More defined lip lines

As we age, the border around our lips can start to smudge or blur, becoming less defined. Lip fillers help to redefine the lip line where volume has been lost, recreating the border between the top of the lip and your skin. This enhances the lips, creating a more distinct outline so that they don’t get lost and appear more prominently.

5. Getting rid of downward facing smiles

As we lose elasticity in our skin, the corners of our mouth can start to drop, making it look as though we have a downwards facing smile. Dermal fillers can be injected into these dynamic muscles, offering a little support to the edges of the mouth. This allows your lips to settle in a more natural position and also creates a more youthful appearance.

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