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Botox® is a fast-growing industry. The popular treatment is typically known to combat wrinkles, giving people a much younger and more youthful appearance; however, it can also be used to treat various other conditions such as migraines, gummy smiles, chronic pain and excessive sweating. Specialists are constantly discovering new uses for Botox®, which is why the treatment is consistently expanding and demand for it is growing across the UK.

Regain your confidence

Frown lines or wrinkles can affect your confidence. Using Botox®, you can minimise the impact of frown lines and wrinkles to give you a much smoother, younger look. There are common areas where wrinkles appear, often on the most dynamic parts of your face such as the forehead and around the eyes and cheeks. Botox® is able to specifically target these muscles and prevent them from contracting so that the wrinkles soften and lines are no longer prominent.

Quality treatment in expert hands

Ten Facial Aesthetics offer high-quality Botox® injections in Clapham. We are a Save Face accredited practice, offering safe Botox® treatments administered by medically trained and qualified practitioners. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service and giving our clients the quality results they deserve.

Treatment process for Botox® in Clapham

All our treatments start with an initial consultation to discuss treatment options with you and explain our processes. Botox® treatment times take around 30 minutes to complete and results last around 3-6 months. Anti-sweat treatments usually last a little longer, for around 6-9 months. The treatment itself is relatively pain-free and recovery time is short. Patients can return to work immediately afterwards. Following treatment, we invite you back for an aftercare appointment which allows us to assess the results and ensure you are happy with your treatment.

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Lip Fillers

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Thread Lifts

A non-surgical facelift which raises areas of the face that are sagging, easing the wrinkles around them

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