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Quality lip filler injections

Lip fillers are a non-surgical enhancement treatment that is injected into the lips to give them a much fuller appearance. The formula is made up of a hyaluronic acid gel that once injected, instantly plumps and defines the lips. Patients commonly opt for lip fillers to fill out thin or narrow lips, create more definition along the lip lines or generate a more youthful appearance in lips that have lost volume over the years.

A more confident you

Some people have naturally narrow lips whilst other peoples can thin over time due to a reduction in collagen levels. Lifestyle factors such as smoking and sun exposure can also have a negative impact on your lips’ volume and elasticity. Lip plumping injections are a non-invasive and effective solution for thinning lips, providing patients with a much fuller and plumper looking pout.

Lots of clients opt for temporary lip fillers to get nice looking lips that they can feel confident with. The lip filler treatment can be tailored to your needs; whether you want your lips to appear bigger and fuller, fix a downward facing smile or simply to enhance the shape, quality lip filler injections can restore your confidence whilst maintaining a natural look.


Lip Filler injections with Ten Facial Aesthetics

We’re here to help you get the results you want, which is why we offer a free consultation before treatment to discuss your options and establish the best treatment plan to suit you. During your consultation, we will also check your medical history to ensure that it is safe for you to receive lip filler treatment. There are certain situations where we cannot offer the treatment, for example, to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Each lip filler treatment takes around 45 minutes to complete and you can be back to work in as little as 0-24 hours later. The results for temporary lip fillers last approximately 6-18 months, but can vary in length depending on each person.


In expert hands

All treatments are carried out by our highly qualified and expert practitioners, Dr Zohaib Ali and Dr James Littler. Find out more about their background, qualifications and experience in facial aesthetics here.

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